Reinventing safety and locking systems for helmets.


With helmet, a singular work of art.


When empty, virtually invisible,  as if it weren’t even there.


Safe Lock

You can leave your helmet safely locked with your bike. The reinforced steel anti-shear cable, completed by a 9 mm section solid stainless steel terminal, holds your helmet and is blocked by an extra security radial pin lock for high level mechanical protection.

Water Resistant

Your helmet is properly covered and protected from the weather. The technical fabrics developed especially for Kobe Technology TM protect your helmet from rain, sun and dust, as well as transpiring to remove the humidity that accumulates in your helmet during use.


ESS alarm

Electronic security system protection for the whole motorbike. The alarm will put out a 100dB of sound pressure level if someone tries to steal your helmet or your bike. Our electronic and computer engineers have designed a smart system capable of dissuading even the most sophisticated thieves.

Flat Aero

When empty, Kobe remains flat and aerodynamic. Folded, its maximum height is just 6 cm (2.4 inches), preventing turbulence on the road and making it easier to ride your bike.


Your helmet case in 6 cm high

Stylish, different, be the first!

Kobe Limited First Edition