Kobe Technology ™ is a technology company that develops and sells innovative products. With proprietary technology and designs, the company creates unique physical products the employ new techniques and materials to help people enjoy their life more and better.
The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Barcelona (Europe).


Jordi Mercader, founding member of the company, had just had his helmet stolen for the Nth time. He looked at the huge plastic box on the back of his motorbike and exclaimed: “There must be a better way than this!”

And that is how it all started. The first folding helmet custody system that we patented was great, but it never saw the light of day, as it required bigger investment than we could handle. It looked like a turtle, hence its name, because “kobe” means “turtle” in Swahili.

That is when the following questions arose: Does it have to be rigid? How many ways are there of folding? Can we increase security by using flexible materials? How can we make it even smaller? Hundreds of design, countless hours of research and many parts broken in testing later, Kobe ® was born,
And, if you like, we can continue the story together.

“Hundreds of design, countless hours of research and many parts broken in testing from concept to reallity.”

Your helmet case in 6 cm high

Stylish, different, be the first!

Kobe Limited First Edition


Design, engineering and passion for a job well done

When you buy a Kobe ®, you are acquiring part of the passion, knowledge and know-how of more than 60 experts.

Kobe ® is built from materials used in competition motorcycles, aeronautics, robotics and ascents of Everest, cutting-edge technology that is designed and controlled by 17 engineers who specialise in such different fields as technical fabrics, new alloys, laser cutting, surface treatments, structural adhesives, anti-theft mechanics, electronics, communications and computing.

But building each Kobe ® also requires the intervention of professionals with many years of experience, artisans who transform each product by hand, leaving their own personal mark on it.

A combination of design, craftsmanship and advanced technology, designed and manufactured in Barcelona for the world.