How to purchase your Kobe

Can I buy one right away?

Yes, you can buy your Kobe right now if it is in stock in our online store. If not, you can reserve or pre-order one, so that you get your Kobe as soon as possible from our online store too.


How I can get my Kobe?

You can get it from our online store.


What is the delivery time?

If the model is in stock, the usual delivery time is 72 hours, maybe a little longer for certain countries and regions. You can find full details about our delivery conditions here.


What is the difference between reservation and pre-order?

If you pre-order, you get your Kobe in fantastic conditions. We ship out pre-ordered products by order of the date when advance payment is made, giving them priority over reservations.

By placing a reservation you get the right to be one of the first to receive Kobe as soon as you complete payment. Once the product is available, we notify people who have reserved products so that they can complete their purchase and receive their Kobe by order of the date when the deposit was paid. And if you want to get your Kobe sooner, you can turn your reservation into a pre-order at any time.


What payment methods can I use?

You can pay by Paypal or through our POS, using cards accepted by the bank: Visa, MasterCard and others.


What is the return policy?

Kobe return policy – General terms

Kobe will accept returns on any products purchased directly from Kobe or through Kobe’s authorized promotional campaigns within 30 days of the delivery date, provided the product does not show noticeable signs of use. For all returns accepted by Kobe, you will receive a refund based on your original form of payment.

To return an item, you must first request a return authorisation by emailing us at, requesting a return authorisation. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. We will not refund or exchange any product that is damaged or has missing parts for reasons not due to our own error.

To process your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. If your return authorisation is approved, Kobe will provide you with a shipping label so that you can return the Kobe product, provided that your shipping address.

Kobe reserves the right to refuse refunds on returned items that do not comply with this return policy.

If you need any assistance or have questions about our return policy, you can contact us by emailing us at

Models and customisation

How many colours are available?

The Kobe Limited First Edition fabric is anthracite and slate black with touches of matt black, while the base is finished in silver-plated grey aluminium and cyan.

We are working to supply Kobe in other colour combinations in the future. Please send your suggestions to, and we will take your colour preferences into account.


Can I customise other features?

No variations are available in the electronics, fabrics and other materials or in the mechanical systems of the Kobe Limited First Edition.
We are working to add variants and new features to Kobe in the future. Please send your suggestions to – all ideas are welcome!

Helmets and capacity

Will my full face helmet fit?

All full face, modular or flip-up, open face or 3/4, and half helmets, XL size or smaller.
No more, no less. We tested hundreds of brands and models, and we are 99% certain that any helmet that is XL size or smaller will fit. Some XXL and XXXL helmets may also fit, but you would need to test them, and you probably wouldn’t be able to store an off-road helmet.


Can I use it to store jet helmets and so on?

All full face, modular or flip-up, open face or 3/4, and half helmets, XL size or smaller.
No more, no less. We tested hundreds of brands and models, and we are 99% certain that any helmet that is XL size or smaller will fit. Some XXL and XXXL helmets may also fit, but you would need to test them, and you probably wouldn’t be able to store an off-road helmet.


Can I keep other things in it, instead of my helmet?

You can keep anything you like in Kobe! But remember, Kobe was conceived, designed and tested to store helmets, so if you decide to keep other things in it, you do so under your own responsibility.

Fitting Kobe to your bike

User manual


Is it compatible with my bike?

Kobe is compatible with any bike that has a rack, frame or other support suitable for installing luggage carriers or top cases. The list of makes and models is very long, and every day more bike models compatible with Kobe come on to the market.

If you have any doubts about compatibility, here is a useful tip: you can install Kobe on your bike if you can install top cases made by any of the following brands: Givi, Shad, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and SW-Motech (Trax).


Where on my bike can I install it?

Kobe is designed to be fitted on the back of the bike, on supports suitable for installing racks, frames and top cases.

Some bike models allow Kobe to be installed on the rear or passenger seat. In this case, and if you decide to install Kobe anywhere else but on the back of the bike, we advise you to check the law in your state or country.

If you still haven’t got a rack or frame suitable for installing Kobe, you can get them from your bike manufacturer’s point of sale or from accessory makers like Givi, Shad, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and SW-Motech, among others.


Do I have to use the Kobe Universal Rack?

No, not necessarily. Kobe has a universal slot at the base that enables you to install it without having to use the Kobe Universal Rack.

We supply a Kobe Universal Rack so that you can install Kobe, as well as any other top case on the market. The rack can also be used as a practical and discreet carrier when you remove Kobe.

In any case, we strongly advise you to install your Kobe on the Kobe Universal Rack, as that will make installation easier, enabling you to attach and remove it quickly, and the whole system will be more resistant.


Do I need to go the mechanic to have it installed?

Under normal circumstances, no.

In the vast majority of cases, installing Kobe is quick, clean and easy. Just tighten a few screws and it’s ready! It’s easy even for people who are not particularly good with their hands.

Of course, there is nothing like turning to a good professional to get the best results, so don’t hesitate to contact your usual mechanic if you want to make sure that your Kobe is firmly installed on your bike or if you don’t feel like spending the time on attaching it yourself.


What do I need to install it myself?

A few minutes, a wrench and your Kobe. We supply everything you need with your Kobe: screws, Torx key, nuts and washers.

True, it is not always quite this simple. Some bikes may need special screws or tools for tightening nuts in places that are hard to get to.

User manual


Do I need official inspections, approvals or permits to install my Kobe?

No, you almost certainly do not need official inspections, approvals or permits in Europe and the USA.

In most countries and states, specific permission to install this type of accessory is not required. However, as laws vary from one place to another, we advise you to check the current legislation in your country or state.


How can I adjust the position of my Kobe?

There is a slot at the base of the Kobe that enables you to adjust its position precisely in relation to the seat. You just have to choose the anchoring points that best suit you from a large number of possibilities.


Why are there two sets of nuts?

It’s not a mistake! We supply Kobe with two sets of nuts, standard lock nuts and anti-theft nuts. We also supply security stars for Torx screws.

To ensure maximum anti-theft security, we recommend that you attach the Kobe Universal Rack or the Kobe itself to your bike using anti-theft nuts, blocking the screws that attach it to the bike with the security stars. This makes your Kobe much more difficult to steal. After all, the whole point is to make it more difficult for thieves, isn’t it?

Needless to say, however, you are free to attach Kobe using standard nuts; you choose your own level of anti-theft security.


How can I undo the safety screws?

Taking off the security screws and nuts is an operation that requires time and powerful metal cutting tools. If, for any reason, you want to remove the security screws and nuts, we recommend that you contact your usual mechanic.



User manual

Enjoying Kobe

Can I ride my bike with my helmet and other things in Kobe?

You can, but always under your own responsibility. Kobe was conceived, designed and tested to store helmets when the motorbike is parked, so if you decide to ride around with your helmet or other things inside Kobe, or with Kobe unfolded or wrongly closed, you do so under your own responsibility.


How waterproof is it?

No worries on this point – you could use Kobe on a route to the Amazon or in northeast India during the Monsoon season.

All metal materials are stainless or have been treated to prevent rusting caused by water in normal conditions of use. Moreover, all electronic components are completely coated in epoxy resin to prevent any problems that could be caused by moisture. And if that were not enough, we use closed cell plastics and foams, as these can absorb water up to the equivalent of 1% of their volume, and Kobe is designed to evacuate any water that might enter it.

The textile cover has a breathable membrane that prevents water from passing through, and withstands a water column of 10,000 mm. What is more, the YKK zippers we use are water resistant. The only points that cannot prevent water from passing through are the seams and the thread that we use to sew the pieces together, due to the capillary nature of these materials.


How do I turn on the electronic security system?

Just release the lock, insert the security cable and use the key to lock it. A “beep” will tell you that the electronic security system is on. You’re good to go!


How do I turn off the alarm?

By using the key to open the lock.

Maintenance and cleaning

How can I clean it?

Don’t even think about putting it in the washing machine or through the carwash! If you prefer to use soap, a soft brush and a toothbrush will help you reach all the nooks and crannies. Then rinse it off, and it will be as good as new!

Joking aside, if you want to be practical, just hose it down all over, leave it to dry in the open air, and it’s good to go!


What products could damage it?

Oil and fuel can stain tissues and degrade certain plastics and foams.
You should also avoid sharp objects that can scratch or pierce tissues and foams.


How long do the batteries last?

Every time you turn on the electronic security system, a microcontroller checks the state of the batteries. If they need changing, it tells you by emitting three “beeps” and three flashes. If you only hear one “beep”, then the batteries are sufficiently charged.
The electronic system fitted to the Kobe Limited First Edition is equipped with three lithium batteries with a total load of 1,800 mA. Maximum battery life depends on the time that the electronic security system is turned on, the number of times that it is switched on and off, and the time that sound and light warnings remain on in case of alarm.


Changing the batteries

Kobe Limited First Edition model:
First, turn off the electronic security system, open the zippers and remove the inner foam. Inside, over the base, you will find three battery holders. Each battery holder has a trigger that holds the battery in place; pull on the trigger with your fingernail or a small screwdriver to release and remove spent batteries.

Then insert a new CR2450 battery over each battery holder, positive pole facing upwards. Press down with your finger until the battery is firmly held in place by the trigger.



The Kobe Limited First Edition is designed to withstand extreme conditions of use.
Very powerful impacts, such as those caused by a fall, for example, or constant temperatures of over 100ºC, or acts of vandalism caused by attempts to steal it could damage the surface finish and interfere with the mechanical and electronic systems.
If you notice any damage or operating failure, please write to us, attaching photos, at, and our technical team will provide free advice on the options available for resolving any problems.


What is the warranty policy?

Kobe provides a legal guarantee that covers against manufacturing defects for at least two years. If you notice any defects after this time, please write to us, attaching photos, at, and we can probably provide a solution, although this is not required by law.

As a consumer, during the legal guarantee period you have the right to the replacement or repair of the product, or a refund of its cost. In such cases, we normally send a replacement product as quickly as we can, without additional cost. You can see the full product guarantee terms and conditions here.

If you purchase your Kobe from our online store, you have 30 days to return it after reception, double the period required by current legislation. You can see our Kobe return policy here.

Kobe Technology ™ complies at all times with law and regulations applicable in Europe and countries where we sell our products. For more information, see: